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Independent Social Power

by The Watanabes

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Bed at 12, Up at noon,   Down the hall, breakfast calls, But the Sunshine isn’t warm. Getting over Yuka We never did. I saw the light We never will. I’ve seen the light. Because the tone of your voice on the invite wasn’t warm. Getting over Yuka The mind will say “Yes”, and the mind will say “No.” Either way I know I’ll never know what to do, What to do about me and you. What to do about me and Yuka? Getting over Yuka You promised me we’d go to the Tokyo Tower. You promised me we’d go to the Tokyo Tower.
Astley Days 03:01
Astley days, Astley days, On the green with a ball and the fields of hay, What a lovely day! What a lovely day! Lets go into the woods and see the trees, And find the doll from the pervert in the council house. How I miss them. How I miss the football. I wish I had another chance for one slow dance at The Copeman Center. Fishy and the boys are on the bender, Katrina and the girls are sipping on cokes in the corner. Astley days, Astley days On the field I’ll have it my way. Astley days, I’ll have it my way. Don’t forget Mrs Pegg with the long legs How I miss them, how I miss aerobics. I wish I had another chance for one slow dance at The Copeman Center, Fishy and the boys are on the bender, Katrina and the girls are sipping on coke in the corner. So we better hit the floor and get down to it Cause my mum will pick us up in 15 minutes. They’re playing Bryan Adams so I’ll ask Kerry if you can dance with Katrina
Do you feel those little Town blues calling to you? They’re falling through you. Did you hear your playground friends have disappeared? It seems they’ve lost their fears. This is a song so often sung, As the rain came down what had you done? For you and me we were carefree We took the little thing down the park We drowned it there and then after dark We were gone. Going back to The Rise. Is that so wrong? Putting it bang to rights. Do you feel it come over you? It’s time to do what you want to do.
Stop staring out of the window. Don’t fester in your room. You can clean it all you want now And you can clean your sisters too. But you will never sweep away the gloom. They said he’d spend Tuesday afternoon in the Library. I waited patiently for two or three long hours but he never showed up. They never show up. People never show up. They only show me up. Is this the way it’s supposed to be? My Friday night’s with a lonely OAP. She’s my best friend but my Gran can’t see. I’m not the problem. Friday morning at the supermarket my Gran said to me: “You’re an Independent Social Power and I have watched you flower.” I hate school. I only go cause you go.
This Year 04:01
This year has been a washout. This small yellow room is cramping more than my style. In 5 years I’m going to experience The wonders of the world At a pace to suit to me and my friends. Right now is my history but I’m so tired. Right now is my history but I’m always so wired. This year has been a nothing. This small yellow room is cramping more than my style. In 5 years I’m going to get my head down. I’m gonna get it down, Gonna get some ideas of the ground. Right now is my history but I’m so tired. Right now is my history and I’m always so wired. Laughter is the illness, Laughter is the flagstone. Laughter from the halls and down the stairs. I’d be a good pourer of Coffee: Something for the world, something for me.
Nice Guy 03:27
I hate the fact that girls like boys who treat them as toys. It breaks my heart. I see it every Friday night on the town, when I am walking home on my own pining for you. I will die alone. And you know why: It’s cause I’m a nice guy. I hate the fact that girls I ignore only seem to like me more. It breaks my heart. What’s wrong with honesty? It’s clear they don’t like flattery and flowers just won’t do. I will die alone and you know why: It’s cause I’m a nice guy. I’ve got so much left to learn. I thought that girls were all the same but that’s not true. Cause only 99.99999999999999% are. The rest are called Yuka. I hate the fact that girls I adore, well, they just get bored of me. It breaks my heart. I see it every single day of my life. I take the knocks but I can’t punch back - that would be rude. I will die alone. You know why – It’s cause I’m a nice guy. I watched them burn in the fire, my hopes. One day soon I’ll be in ship shape and she’ll regret the decision she made on our date.
I’ve got my window wide open. There’s a cool breeze blowing in. Outside there’s nothing happening. Inside it’s just about to begin. Killing a snake for a beautiful woman. Killing a snake and saving the day. Killing a Snake for a beautiful woman. Killing a Snake and walking away. I’ve got my backpack full of rations. Just enough for me to get by. I’m gonna leave on an adventure, But I don’t feel like going outside. There’s no one waiting. There’s no one waiting for you. Waiting. Waiting.
Chin Up (free) 02:47
Chin Up! Drink up! You don’t know how you really did love. I know I’ve failed again. I know I’m not the man I was. How about a walk on Saturday? I’ll comb my hair and have a shave. I’ll even put some trousers on. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Lets take a stroll down by the beach. Have a drink at the Heath’n’Reach. I won’t mind if you bring your dog. So long as he’s got a collar on. You can bring your real nice blonde friend. I’ll try my best to get along. We’ll get along.
Oh my dear. Hiding her face with hair. Young woman on platform one is crying. Back to the wall. Hoping no one will notice at all. But there’s no mistaking it – she’s crying! Don’t use your sleeve my dear. Not for even one tear. They’re handing out tissues by the West Exit but you better be quick. I left my jacket on the chair outside and it rained. Turn and face the wall. Pretend you’re on your own. I’m afraid you’re not my dear but you’re almost home. As the people walk past they try not to stare, But they notice the water marks on the pretty cotton knit sweater that you wear. There was a 20% chance of rain today and it rained. Wipe them on the wall. They’ll be gone in no time. No time at all. Washed away. Washed away. By the man with the boots and the gloves and the blood stains.
JJ's Dream 04:06
You and me admire my favourite tree On an Autumn day at Wells Next the Sea. Take in the fumes and choke the breeze. Strangle mother nature till she fights to breathe. Lets stretch our legs across the peaks. Lets take our chances on the streets and start a fight about it. Me and you admire my favourite view; Beside that old shipping boat at Winchley Bay. It’s quite a way from here. It’s half an hour by car. Well it’s too bad ‘cause that’s too far. But we could bike there, leave our bikes there, we could bike there. “There is a smile of love. There is a smile of deceit. There is a smile of smiles. In which these two smiles meet. For it sticks in the hearts deep core, And it sticks in the deep back bone. And no smile that ever was smiled. But only one smile alone. That betwixt the cradle and the grave, It only once smiled can be.” I should have took more photos. I wish I took more photos.


Independent Social Power was recorded at KRH Studios in Harajuku, Tokyo, between December 2007 and May 2008. It was officially released by Baby Boom Records Japan in August 2009. The Watanabes are also part of the Favourite Tree Records Collective in the UK.


released August 19, 2009

All songs written and produced by The Watanabes, except Track 5 which was written by Tom Hiskey. Mixed and mastered by Toshi Yamazaki


all rights reserved



The Watanabes 東京都, Japan

A Tokyo alternative rock band who enjoy flower arranging and banana milkshakes.

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