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Spoiled and Nostalgic

by The Watanabes

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I’d be the first to admit; I’ve got myself into a bit of a fix. I’ve been a little bit fast, a little bit rash. Maybe a little over romantic. I’d be the first to admit; I’m not the perfect guy or the perfect fit. I’ve been a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Maybe a little over romantic. They’re all playing around. I never thought that I should, but now I know that I was wrong and they were right. Doing the right thing’s hard. I always thought that I was good. I never knew that I’d turn out quite this bad. For all this time how could I be so wrong? ‘Cause love ain’t like in the movies or in a song. All the things we’ve said. And all the tears we’ve shed. Chasing your love left me for dead. Chasing your love left me for dead. Chasing your love left me for dead. There’s still only one girl in my head.
Tonight 03:51
There you go… out of sight. Don’t you know… you’re my light? When you’re gone… I’m uptight. There you go. Don’t know? When you’re gone, things aren’t right. Where are you tonight? How you changed… overnight. What went wrong… with our delight? All your lies… and your spite. How you changed. What went wrong? All your lies you can’t re-write. Who are you tonight? We’re drinking every night. Then everything’s alright. But that’s a way to die. We’re living through a lie… Tonight. I miss you tonight.
Do you remember when we were young? We took a bag of tricks. We threw it at the sun. Ran for the fields. Dug up a hole. Took a bag of tricks and filled with our souls. Ran for the cover. Ran for the shade. Ran for our lives that we’ll never live again. I can’t help to wonder if I’ll ever be the same as I sit here soaking up the sunlight. I’m not in the mood to fight. Did you imagine where we would be? The paths that we followed were charted in our dreams. We had one another. We had it to come. The choices we made: Were they right or were they wrong? Can’t help to wonder if now our chance has gone. As I sit here soaking up the sunlight, I’m not in the mood to fight. There’s no point looking back when it’s an insult to the present. There’s no point looking front when it might never happen.
Hummingbird 04:25
If I were a hummingbird, I would cross the sea and I’d fly to you. Sail across the open fields, land upon your window and sing for you. Soaring the skies with wide open eyes, deep into the blue. Braving the seas, take wing with the breeze, come calling to you. And if you listen with your heart, then you’ll hear my tune. You can open up your window, let the sunshine smother you. If I were a hummingbird, I would cross the sea and I’d fly to you: Traveling a thousand miles, bringing a surprise with the morning dew. From flowers and trees drift sweet melodies sung only for you. Long into the night, the moon shining bright, when dreams can come true. And if you listen with your heart, then you’ll hear my tune. You can open up your window, let the sunshine smother you. You can fall asleep. I won’t say goodbye. ‘Cause if you listen with your heart then you’ll hear my lullaby.


Whimsical folk pop from two British brothers in Tokyo doing it the indie way.


released November 25, 2016

In the 1990s the Walsh brothers were nostalgic teenagers living in a tiny village in rural Norfolk, dreaming away their time in a room together writing heartfelt pop songs on second hand guitars. Twenty years later they find themselves in Tokyo, sharing a room together, sipping on green tea, while writing heartfelt pop songs on second hand guitars. They call themselves The Watanabes.

‘Spoiled and Nostalgic’ was recorded between the summers of 2015 and 2016 at Nanahari in Tokyo, and in sunny Shikoku at Dave's home studio in Marugame, Kagawa. All songs were written by Duncan Walsh and Selwyn Walsh in collaboration with David Naughton, except Tonight which was written by David Naughton. It was produced and mixed by David Naughton and mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road Studios in London, UK.

The Watanabes would like to say a huge thank you to the very talented Ayumi Sato and Tomoyuki Yamada for joining us on bass and drums - both on the record and on stage. We were honoured to have Lensei Nishizawa sweetly hitting the keys on piano and organ, and delighted to find some musical space for Brent Betters to fill with his beautiful trumpet. Hitomi Tsuchiya once again did us proud with her wonderful design work, creating the perfect artistic companion to our music, and Hideaki at Nanahari was a warm and accommodating host for our recording sessions. We’d also like to express our gratitude to John Coyle and Hiromi Abe at What The Dickens, Mark Sullivan at Gamuso, Hallie Drake at Crawfish, Tim McSherry at The Ruby Room, Iain Naughton and Andi Brooks for their generous stream of gig invitations, as well as to David Allen, Michael Holmes, Takashi Imai, Marcus Lovitt, Jiye Kim, Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko and Kyoko Obayashi for capturing the band on camera. Honourable mentions go out to all of the other musicians that have made important contributions to the band over the years - either on record or by joining us on stage, or both: Ashley Davies, Flavio Jerome, Tom Hiskey, David Elman, Paul Cook, Nick Duffy, Yoko Ohsawa, Ethan Green, Matt Bigelow, Matt Hogan, HeeYoung Rhee, Stefan Samuelsson and Tadashi Yoshikawa. We salute you. Major admiration and gratitude to Kengo Iwamoto at BabyBoom Records. Our love and respect goes out to our tech guru Chunling Chang and chief scout Jiye Kim, and to every one of our family and friends for their generous support and encouragement.

Many, many thanks also to Dave and the Naughton clan: Maki, Kimi, Kaiya and Kan for giving us such a good time in Shikoku, feeding us, supporting us, wearing our band t-shirts, and for letting us be all spoiled and nostalgic in their family home.

“The Watanabes are not flamboyant and gay in early 80’s London, they are slightly spoiled and nostalgic in 21st century Tokyo.” Independent Social Power: The Watanabes (Review by JP DuQuette, JAPANZINE 2008)


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The Watanabes 東京都, Japan

A Tokyo alternative rock band who enjoy flower arranging and banana milkshakes.

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